BL866 Leaf Chain



Series BL-LH: BL-LH series (Leaf Heavy) chains, manufactured in accordance with ISO4347, DIN8152, ANSI B29.8 and NFE26107, are the only leaf chains constructed from specific leaf chain components. BL-LH series leaf chains are heavier chains than the AL and EL-LL series and are therefore, the chains most commonly used in forklifts, lifting, and material handling equipment.

Leaf chain BL866. BL866 FB leaf chain has a tensile strength of 309.00kN.

Diagram of BL866

Pitch P Pin Diameter A Plate Thickness B Plate Depth C Pin Length D Weight Breaking Strength Breaking Strength
Metric 25.40mm 9.53mm 4.09mm 24.10mm 53.60mm 7.23kg/m 31500kg 309.00kN
Imperial 1“ 0.376“ 0.161“ 0.949“ 2.111“ 4.859lbs/ft 69426lbs
Lacing Lacing Style ISO Standard (kN) Maximum working load (kg) ISO Standard Number
6 x 6 13 254 5670kg LH1666

We also stock a premium (Premier Series) BL866 Leaf Chain for customers looking for something sturdier. The main difference between Standard and Premier Series Leaf Chains is that Premier Series Leaf Chains provide published working loads on most sizes, higher precision components, shot-peened plates, heat-treated plates, and pins and are of the highest quality. We offer flyer chains. A common misconception in the industry is that higher tensile strength means higher working loads, but this is not always the case when performance is considered.