BL666 Leaf Chain



Series BL-LH: BL-LH series (Leaf Heavy) chains, manufactured in accordance with ISO4347, DIN8152, ANSI B29.8 and NFE26107, are the only leaf chains constructed from specific leaf chain components. BL-LH series leaf chains are heavier than the AL and EL-LL series and are, therefore, the most commonly used in forklifts, lifting, and material handling equipment.

Leaf chain BL666. BL666 FB leaf chain has a tensile strength of 191.28kN.

Diagram of BL666

Pitch P Pin Diameter A Plate Thickness B Plate Depth C Pin Length D Weight Breaking Strength Breaking Strength
Metric 19.05mm 7.94mm 3.30mm 18.00mm 43.70mm 4.22kg/m 19500kg 191.28kN
Imperial ¾“ 0.313“ 0.130“ 0.709“ 1.721“ 2.836lbs/ft 42978lbs
Lacing Lacing Style ISO Standard (kN) Maximum working load (kg) ISO Standard Number
6 x 6 13 147 3510kg LH1266